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Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow: Spotted at Dinner!!!


This pairing almost makes too much sense, doesn’t it?

Witnesses tell The New York Post that Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift struck up a conversation at a pre-Academy Awards party on Friday night, following it up with dinner two evenings later at at Toscanova Italian restaurant in Century City.

“After dinner, he walked her out,” a source says. “Then he walked back in to join two other people. I think they may both have been with their agents.”

Taylor Swift at Lorax PremiereTim Tebow Photograph

Granted, the meal doesn’t sound too romantic, but Taylor has been burned by so many men in her past. Tebow is a virgin, had the good sense to reject Kim Kardashian and might be the son of God.

This couple has to happen.

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Morning Mail! Is Taylor Lautner’s Love Life a Career

Taylor Lautner, SaraCourtesy of Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
You’ve said Sarah Hicks is good for Taylor Lautner, but I wonder. On her public social media pages, people make snide comments about Taylor’s famous exes, and in response, she plays the victim or she laughs. Taylor likes to keep it civil with his exes (he may work with them again one day) and it looks like his career is in a valley right now. Did Sarah turn herself into a career liability for Taylor on future projects?
—IMO, a dumb move

Dear Ex Games:
I’m still sticking to my guns that Sarah is good for Taylor. As for any be-yotchy e-gossiping, isn’t that what the Internet is for?! But trust me, even though she has a high-profile hunk on her arm, Sarah isn’t really a concern for the likes of Taylor Swift and Lily Collins. And she’s certainly not the reason Tay’s career is in a funk.

Dear Ted:
Well, your stupid tantrum that Jennifer Lawrence is copying Kristen Stewart is slowly being proven wrong. The reviews coming in from The Hunger Games are actually calling Jen a “stellar” actress among much additional praise. So she must not be copying Kristen’s mediocre acting ability.

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Dear Annie Oakley:
Put down the guns, chica, ’cause you’re seeming rather testy about these starlets. Yes, Jennifer is getting fab reviews for THG—which I always said she would (even before seeing the movie), she’s only a friggin’ Oscar nominee—but that’s no reason to trash Kristen. She’s had some winning performances too (have you seen The Runaways, dear?).

Dear Ted:
What do you think about George Clooney? Will his arrest affect his career?

Dear Ha!

Of course it won’t. If anything, it only makes George look like even more of a white knight. It wasn’t like he put up a fight or anything when the cuffs came…and a mark on his permanent record will hardly stop him from starring in Ocean’s 17 or whatever Academy-worthy flicks he has planned next.

Dear Ted:
Where is Ashley Greene lately? I haven’t seen any pictures of her or any news about her in a long time. Is she in New York or Los Angeles now?

Dear Greene with Envy:
The Big Apple, babe, and she’s hard at work. Haven’t you heard, Ash turned her TV stint on PanAm into a full-time gig with Americana? And getting her post-vampy career going is far more important these days than any dude.

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Dear Ted:
If you had to imagine James Franco mentoring his kid brother, Dave, on the ins and outs of Hollywood life and “lessons learned,’ how do you think the conversation might go?

Dear Uh:
“Dude, don’t ever host the Oscars.”

Dear Ted:
Unfortunately you’re right about Jennifer Lawrence trying to be like Kristen Stewart. She doesn’t have to. She should just be herself. Now to my real question. I have seen reports that Robert Pattinson bought Kristen a pad in Paris for a cool million. True?

Dear City of Light and Copycats:
To be fair, the entire Hunger Games franchise has been copying Twilight in terms of marketing, so it’s not surprising that J.Law is being shopped as a K.Stew 2. And while the chicks have many similarities, Jenny is fab and has a killer personality (just like Kristen! But different!). As for your second Q, they’ve always been more of renters—that’s their style.

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Simone Farrow, Ed Hardy Bikini Model, Arrested For Heading International Drug Ring


Simone Farrow, an international swimsuit model accused of being the mastermind of a worldwide drug ring run out of a Hollywood apartment, has been arrested.

Farrow got popped in her native Australia after skipping bail last month.

Once the face of the Ed Hardy bikinis, Simone used up to 19 different aliases to ship methamphetamine around the world by FedEx and even the U.S. postal service.

Simone Farrow Picture

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and Australian police, the 37-year-old denied the charges and claims that she was in hiding after running for her life.

“The only reason I’ve done this is because someone was trying to murder me,” she told Australia’s Sunday Telegraph in response to the drug ring allegations.

“I’ve been in relationships with numerous underworld figures or whatever you want to call them and I feel that maybe they feel threatened by my situation.”

Simone Farrow was first arrested in 2009 after flying to Australia as the DEA was raiding her Sunset Blvd. apartment, allegedly seizing drugs and documents.

After having a friend post her $150,000 bond in February, Farrow skipped bail. Police in Australia finally caught up with her last week at a Queensland hotel.

Under the stage name Simone Starr, Farrow was a bikini model, pin-up girl and even a Penthouse “pet,” making FHM‘s Sexiest Women In The World list three times.

Farrow was also promoting herself as a singer/songwriter, and on her website, as a would-be reality show star … hey, why leave any opportunity on the table?

Authorities say behind that high-fashion facade, Farrow was leading a double life trafficking high-grade crystal meth, hiding them in shipments of bath salts.

“It’s not uncommon in the modeling and entertainment industry,” former special agent Brad Garrett, who is not involved directly in the case, told ABC News.

“If your skill set doesn’t take you any place else, where’s it going to take you? A quick buck would be distributing methamphetamine. It tells me that she was not that sophisticated, and she may have been desperate for money.”

Investigators are saying that Simone Farrow was the brains behind the “ongoing criminal enterprise,” which they purport involved at least seven people.

One of the members of the alleged drug syndicate committed suicide in a Hollywood motel after being contacted by officials, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

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Kristen Stewart Spotted at JFK in Her Cutest Airport Look Yet?

Kristen StewartJackson Lee / Splash News

Kristen Stewart is flying the friendly skies again to promote her new movie Snow White and the Huntsman.

But instead of going super cazh and rumpled like she usually does, the low-key 21-year-old Twilight Saga star looked—dare we say—a little glamorous when she was spotted leaving New York City today!

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Kristen rocked her favorite black motorcycle jacket over a gray hoodie, jeans and black V-neck that flaunted just a little bit of sexy skin. She accessorized with black sunnies, some finger bling and a black backpack.

But what really makes this outfit is K.Stew’s pretty half-up, half-down hairdo, which seems to be the remnants of the edgy coif she sported during her Today show appearance earlier in the morning with costar Charlize Theron.

PHOTOS: Fashion Spotlight: Charlize Theron

A little shampoo and style makes all the difference, because Robert Pattinson‘s GF is looking hot!

Let’s hope Kristen keeps up the glam throughout the rest of her Snow White tour, because it’s doing this babe some good.

What do you think of the actress’ airport look? Weigh in below!

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Kristen Stewart “Can’t Wait” to See The Hunger Games


Obviously, you all have seen the new trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman. If not, go check it out, like, stat—Kristen Stewart speaks (yay!) and Charlize Theron is even more devilish as the evil queen.

And lucky for us, both ladies stopped by the Today Show this morning—Kristen in tight leather pants and Charlize in a simple black dress—to discuss the dark side of the film and the Snow White competition with the other flick, Mirror Mirror.

So, are Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron nervous about the upcoming Snow White smackdown? And what did the Twilight actress spill about The Hunger Games?!

Kristen “can’t wait to see the movie.” Seriously!

But more on that in a sec, ’cause before she praised the highly anticipated film, she also touched on the massive fame the main characters will experience—a subject matter where K.Stew most definitely has loads of wisdom:

“I don’t know…I hope so just on the level…,” Kristen began to explain before trailing off when Matt Lauer asked the Twilight babe whether the HG actors will experience a similar publicity storm.

She continued, praising the actors for their hard work in the franchise:

“Yes, it gets very crazy, instantly the question is, ‘Are you going to be able to handle it? Is this something you want?’ But you look at those actors and you can tell why they are doing what they’re doing.”

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Sounds like the Kristen we know and love! In it for the work, not the fame, and very dedicated to her craft—much like Jennifer Lawrence, who also admitted she’s no “slave” to the HG films.

But even though Jen has said she was reluctant to take on such a big production, its clear Kristen has respect for her franchise counterparts and only wishes them the utmost success:

“It’s so obvious no one signed on to that project to do the next big thing and I think that’s the coolest way to see something get big. I would love them to be happy in doing what they’re doing,” she gushed before adding, “I can’t wait to see the movie.”

OMG. You mean after all the alleged feuding, comparisons galore and even email exchanges, Kristen is actually excited to see the flick?!

Yep, gotta love the support from a fellow franchise family member.

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So since Kristen certainly doesn’t seem worried about her franchise competition, perhaps she’s directed her attention to the Snow White smackdown, ya know, the big-screen battle with the other Snow White flick, Mirror Mirror, which will be released just a month prior to SWATH?

We’ll let Charlize sound off:

“There’s a way to do them in different worlds… I don’t think Universal would have backed this film the way they have if they thought we were playing to the same audience as the other one,” the new mama coolly explained.

So even though these ladies may not be worried, we still want to hear which flick you’re rooting for as all three hit theaters?

What will it be, Awful readers? Snow White and the HuntsmanMirror Mirror? Or The Hunger Games?

Battle it out below!

PHOTOS: Kristen Stewart’s Snow White and the Huntsman

  • Kristen Stewart
  • Kristen Stewart
  • Kristen Stewart
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The Voice Recap: Third Battle Round Provides Family Drama and the Most “Unique” Match Ever!



Christina Aguilera, The Voice

These battle rounds are making us sweat, y’all!

Seriously, everyone is just so good this season on The Voice that we actually start to panic a bit when mentors Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo GreenAdam Levine andBlake Shelton are forced to choose between two singers on the NBC show.

The third night of battle rounds proved to be just as intense as the first two, with family drama and friendships added into the mix for good measure. So which singers made it through to the live shows?

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Team Christina

Christina decides to give Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks‘ “No Air” to Ashley De La Rosa andJonathas. The song has “a lot of powerful and difficult notes,” Ashley says with worry, which gives Jonathas confidence. “I am more experienced…so I want to say I have a little step ahead of her,” he says. Christina brings in Lionel Richie to coach Jonathas, who feels “very blessed.” Christina says Jonathas needs to stop trying to emulate Usher and Brown and make the song his own. Ashley rehearses with Jewel, who tells her that she has an opportunity to shine because she sounds so different, while Jonathas sounds similar to Usher.

After their duet, Cee Lo says it was “nicely staged” and chooses Ashley as the battle winner. Adam compliments their chemistry onstage, but also chooses Ashley, and Blake agrees with his fellow mentors. In the end, Christina makes it a unanimous decision and sends Ashley through to the live shows.

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The Voice, Blake SheltonLewis Jacobs/NBC

Team Blake

The country crooner pits ALyX vs. Jermaine Paul on Billy Ocean‘s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car.” Of her limited experience in comparison to Jermaine, who was a backup singer for Alicia Keys, ALyX says, “Youth is power.” Jermaine is feeling pretty confident, saying his experience gives him an edge in this battle. Blake’s wife, country superstarMiranda Lambert, comes in to mentor ALyX and is worried that ALyX won’t be able to have fun and let go onstage. “Just come out of your shell,” she advises.

Kelly Clarkson mentors Jermaine, and she’s impressed by his vocals. “That was amazing! I really hope you win, but if you don’t, please come sing with me on tour!” she offers. After their performance, Christina says Jermaine made the song his own, and Cee Lo also chooses Jermaine as the winner. “You took this song and kicked its ass,” Adam tells Jermaine. “I gotta say Jermaine.” For Blake, it wasn’t a difficult decision: Jermaine!

In the second battle for Team Blake, Gwen Sebastian and Erin Willett face off onstage with Pat Benatar‘s “We Belong Together.” The girls say how sad they are to compete against each other as they’ve become good friends. Gwen, a country singer, is mentored by one of her idols, Miranda, and Kelly coaches Erin, who is dealing with family issues. Her father is in the hospital with pancreatic cancer, but he tells her to stay in the competition.

Christina says she “really enjoyed” their duet, but favors Erin over Gwen. Cee Lo disagrees with Christina and thinks Gwen won the battle, while Adam selects Erin, but says they were both fantastic. Blake has a hard time choosing, but keeps Erin in the end.

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Team Cee Lo

In a crazy pairing, Cee Lo decides to put Erin Martin and the Shields Brothers up against each other on Tina Turner‘s “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” “It’s probably the most unique pairing,” Cee Lo says of this battle, which pits the rocker duo against the more subtle former model. Babyface mentors the brothers and advises them to be more “vulnerable” on the song after he compares them to Wayne’s WorldNe-Yo comes in to mentor Erin and tells her he doesn’t believe in her emotional connection to the song.

“This battle is like Erin vs. rock and roll,” one of the brothers says before the battle. “That was so weird!” Adam says of their performance, before telling Erin her theatrics overshadowed her voice. Blake compliments Erin on her revealing attire and also chooses her vocals. “I f–king loved it. I thought that was entertaining,” Christina gushes, before favoring the Shields Brothers. Cee Lo’s final decision? He doesn’t know how much he could do with the brothers, so he chooses Erin.

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THE VOICE, Whitney Myer, Adam Levine, Alanis MorissetteLewis Jacobs/NBC

Team Adam

In the first battle of the night, Adam pits 19-year-old Pip against Nathan Parrett on the late Amy Winehouse‘s “You Know I’m No Good.” Tensions were high at their first rehearsal with their mentor. “I think Adam was favoring Nathan just a little bit,” Pip says after Adam gushes over Nathan’s vocals. Adam brings in Alanis Morissette to mentor Pip and Robin Thicke to guide Nathan.

During their final rehearsal, Adam tells Nathan he is no longer the underdog, and musical-theater veteran Pip is feeling the pressure. In the battle of “two young guys with old souls,” the mentors have a hard time choosing a victor, but Blake leans toward Pip. Christina also chooses Pip, while Cee Lo favors Nathan. In the end, Adam is “baffled” by the decision, but chooses Pip to move forward in the competition.

In the team’s second battle, Angel Taylor and Katrina Parker must face off on Leona Lewis‘ “Bleeding Love” because they both have “vulnerability” when they sing. In rehearsals, mentor Robin tells Angel he needs to physically feel the lyrics of the song. For Katrina,  Alanis helps her learn to calm her nerves in the opening of the song.  After their performance, Blake thinks Katrina “flat-out won” the battle and Christina agrees, thinking the song didn’t suit Angel. Cee Lo also favors Katrina. Adam decides to keep Katrina on his team.

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)


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Victoria Beckham goes from strength to strength with New York show

Designer puts faith in body-conscious dresses with nod to sporty and military looks in the eighth show for her main collection
Victoria Beckham goes from strength to strength with New York show

A model wears one of Victoria Beckham’s dresses in the designer’s catwalk show at the New York Public library on Sunday.

“I get so inspired by my family,” Victoria Beckham said backstage at her show at the New York Public library. “I was in the kitchen one day and Romeo ran in with his baseball kit on and that’s what inspired those bright sporty collars on the dresses. And the beanie hats – they were inspired by the ones David is always wearing.” Beckham is a woman who knows how to reel in her audience with an anecdote almost as expertly as she knows how to execute a faultless collection.

This, her eighth outing for her mainline collection, was her strongest show yet. The show unashamedly explored the by-now trademarked Beckham look of body-conscious dresses that stop short of being blatantly sexy by dint of their elbow-length sleeves and high necklines. This season there is a nod to sporty and military looks, all expressed in what the designer described as “a silhouette I believe in”. She said: “I’m not pregnant any more and these are the clothes that I really want to wear.”

This confidence in her catwalk designs was echoed in the silent choreography of the show itself. For the first time David Beckham sat in the front row – in the past the footballer was banned for fear he would be too much of a distraction as Victoria Beckham sought to gain industry approval for her new career.

But with the accolade of Brand of the Year awarded by the British Fashion Council under her belt, she no longer has need of such careful manoeuvres. David played the proud husband, seated next to the Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, while the designer herself took her first ever catwalk bow – well, a smiling wave – at the end of the runway.

The show focused on day dresses, albeit high-voltage ones. Despite the show’s being in the middle of awards season, the designer steered clear of dropping any none-too-subtle catwalk hints to Hollywood. She doesn’t need to: more than one A-list actor is expected to give the Beckham evening wear an airing over the next couple of weeks.

This confidence carried through to the clothes. There were hints at earlier collections, with revisited themes explored more thoughtfully. The sculpted internal corsetry of the earliest collections was gone but had been replaced with rib-hugging canvas panels to lend structure – all the better for showing off a tiny waist.

Best was what can be described as the military body-con section. Khaki dresses snaked below the knee and had what looked like multiple parachute straps across the back. An army-green coat with gold buttons and a black python lapel and collar was a standout.

These ultra-luxury details, which, Beckham explained, were the result of experiments in her accessories line, are likely to raise the already substantial prices still further. But this was a tactic designed to mark out the mainline collection as distinct from her newer secondary line – Victoria, Victoria Beckham – which shows later in the week. Beckham said: “Certain dresses that might have been included in this collection in the past have been moved to the Victoria line to enable me to focus on construction.”

This show marked the consolidation of the brand, allowing the label to catch its breath before it doubtless moves to the next level of steady growth. Beckham’s formula of basing the brand within the parameters of what she wears in her own wardrobe is undeniably successful.

With that in mind, the inclusion of chunky baseball socks with flat biker boots was a styling curveball. An image of the designer landing at LAX in a military-detailed cocktail dress is easy to imagine. But picturing Mrs Beckham in biker boots? Less so.


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